About Us

Creating (Golden) Compost from Crisis: Easy Living Foods LLC

A diagnosis of fourth stage cancer can be seen as a ‘death sentence’ or as a ‘life changer’ a chance to change old ways of being that no longer work. Ease Oldham, founder of Easy Living Foods LLC, decided to change her diet and change her life. She started out by committing to eat a raw plant-based diet and began reading and researching raw foods intensively.

After recovering and detoxing from traditional medical treatments of radiation and chemotherapy, Ease wanted to give back to others by sharing her knowledge and love of her new lifestyle. She began by creating and selling her own unique products at farmers markets in California’s North Bay area of San Francisco. “This was a way for me to share my experience about what raw and vegan foods can do for our health,” Ease says.

Sprouted foods are one of Easy Living Foods’ most important ingredients, since the sprouting period is the most nutritious time of a plant’s life cycle. “Closest to fresh” is another core value regarding harvesting and food preparation.

History Of Easy Living Foods, LLC

Easy Living Foods LLC’s popularity took a quantum leap after Whole Foods discovered the company’s products at northern California farmers markets and supported Ease in wholesaling her products to them. During 2010 and 2011, Easy Living Foods LLC sold raw Unpastuerized Almond Mylk Superfood Shakes in two dozen Whole Foods Stores and other health food stores around the San Francisco Bay Area. This part of the business ended in 2011 when the CA Department of Public Health requested that Easy Living Foods LLC pasteurize the almond milk. Ease decided she could not comply because it was against the core principles of her business (raw products cannot be heated or the phytonutrients and enzymes are lost), and decided to recall the products instead.

She says, “We appreciate all our customers’ efforts in supporting us during that time.” In those 15 months, the Superfood Shake product line had grown to 10,000 bottles per month. This volume alerted Ease to the high demand of raw, nutritious food and gave her the boost she needed to see beyond the challenges and continue to create viable raw foods products.

While the business continued to attract a steady clientele at one of the largest farmer’s markets in California, the San Rafael Civic Center, 2012 was a creative period during which new shelf stable products were developed. In March 2013, Easy Living Foods LLC emerged with their most outstanding product line: Instant Cuisine Soups and Meals. The Instant Cuisine Soups and Meals are a breakthrough in raw food products, because in 5 to 10 minutes, a warm, filling soup or meal with up to 400% increased nutritional density from sprouting seeds and legumes plus up to five servings of vegetables can be enjoyed “on the go.”

Location, Mission and Values

Easy Living Foods has a production facility in Fairfax, CA. The facility utilizes commercial dehydrating equipment and has a sprouting facility. The company’s two slogans capture their work ethic: “Great Work with Great People,” and as employees often say to each other “Easy To Do.”

The mission of Easy Living Foods is to help educate the public about the benefits of a ‘whole foods, plant-based diet’ by providing raw food products that are filling yet extremely easy to prepare. Ease is especially interested in reaching out to those people interested in transitioning to a healthier diet. The company engages people in education directly at the farmers market, with product demos, through their packaging, speaking engagements, food preparation classes and on their website. Whether someone prefers a diet consisting of raw, vegan, lightly cooked, gluten-free, or other nutrition needs, Easy Living Foods LLC products are available to support an evolution toward higher health and lifestyle goals.

Vision for Future

In the future, Easy Living Foods LLC plans to increase support for people and families of those who are diagnosed with cancer by providing raw food and classes and forums. They are also interested in providing nutritional education for children, including access to complete foods. “The more people we can touch with the goodness of raw and nutritionally dense foods, the more we fulfill our mission,” says Ease.

Easy Living Foods LLC envisions its products branching out from the West Coast into national distribution within the next three years. Ease believes a change in the foundation of nutritional habits in the U.S. is already taking place, and her products contribute immensely by introducing irresistible and nutritious raw food products. Customers can look forward to seeing additional raw product lines in the future from Easy Living Foods LLC.