Endorsements & Testimonials

Thanks so much for the samples! Everyone in our office tried them and thought they were delicious! It’s great to see an instant soup with simple ingredients and no funny additives! A relief! The soups were very hearty and flavorful!
Corey Rennell — Founder, Core Foods

Easy Living Foods is a great source of organic raw foods prepared in a way that is nutritious and delicious. Their foods have become an addition to my diet and I feel grateful to have them as a support and resource for greater health and wellbeing.
R. Gavin

Thank you for all the amazing samples today! I really appreciate your work.

Good to know companies like Easy Living Foods exist; hopeful signs of the future, means a lot and it’s reassuring, raw ahead of main stream culture, food of the future, essence of hopefully what we’ll be living on, brings back food closer to nature.
Emanuel Fulea

Brought the Instant Meals and Soups to Africa and they saved me!
Lisa Baffi

Thank you for giving me the food to continue healing.

(Soups & Meals) Wonderful for boating!
Steve Cossman

Its’ killer stuff…I’m not easy to please but this is amazing!!
Jeff Berlin

Great back packing food! Five days of great food on the trail, thank you.

We sent the Instant Soups and Meals to our son in Afghanistan –it’s the most vegetables he had to eat the whole time. I cannot survive as a flight attendant without Easy Living Foods. Thank you for keeping me healthy and vibrant.
Diana Thomas

Ease is inspiring and creative. She makes staying raw a pleasure with her delicious food and her variety. I couldn’t stay raw without Easy Living Foods.

Thank you for being my favorite place to get healthy food I can eat fast.
Joe Quinn

I love all of your products! They are amazing!

Love Easy Living Foods Please make a book of recipes with pictures of your wonderful food.