Coaching With Ease


Ease Oldham, founder and raw food chef of Easy Living Foods LLC wants to support you on your journey through health challenges, nutrition, diet transitioning and balancing body, mind & spirit. Ease has inspired many as she shares her healing path of what worked for her and what didn’t, what she’s learned about happiness, plant-based nutrition and sprouting. In the 1990’s she lead a team “Managing Change in the Work Place” where she learned what support we all need to make major lasting changes. Sukaynah, as she is called in the Sufi tradition, graduated from the University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism and went on to be a teaching assistant for two years. From 2003 to 2007, Sukaynah’s business of spiritual growth, healing coaching, workshops and retreats lead her to teaching & studying in the US and Europe. In 2007, Ease was diagnosed with Stage IV Throat Cancer and underwent conventional radiation and concurrent chemotherapy. A Sufi saying is that, “What hits you could not have missed you.” Sukaynah embraced her healing path with gratitude. Her recovery from the treatments lead her to a new path of service and she dove deeper into integrating body, mind and spirit. Sukaynah leads a much healthier and happier lifestyle after surviving cancer.

Ease’s mission and the reason she started Easy Living Foods LLC is to share the power of whole real foods. She invites you to come talk with her at the Sunday Marin Civic Center Farmers’ Market!

Ease offers her training and life experience to support, listen, advocate & teach coaching clients. The goal of Coaching With Ease is to support each person to live the life they are called to live. If living with challenges or resolving life’s challenges leads you to sign up for Coaching With Ease please know that Ease will touch your heart in healing ways while supporting you to take action.

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