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Just Add Water!

Founder and chef, Ease Oldham has created a new niche in raw foods: raw convenience foods to take and use anywhere. The delicious tasting, gluten-free vegan soups and meals come in traditional flavors and are power packed with 2-5 USDA recommended servings of vegetables each. Now available in 3 soup flavors: Mushroom Onion, Moroccan Lentil and Minestrone; 4 meal flavors: Italian Casserole, Thai Coconut Curry, Indian Korma and Lentil Dahl; and 1 salad: Walnut Beet. The 9 oz soups, 7-8 oz meals and 6 oz salad are nutrient dense and filling.


  • — JUST ADD WATER Anywhere, Anytime
  • — Over 200% Increased Nutrient Density (compared to cooked foods)
  • — 2-5 Fresh Vegetable Servings per Package
  • — Full Meal Experience
  • — Convenient to use at home, at work and on the go!
  • — Allergen Friendly

What’s the Difference between an Instant Soup
and an Instant Meal?

Cup-soups where you just add boiling water are a common instant/convenience food available in most grocery stores today. We use the same concept and apply it to our new healthy products: Instant Soups and Meals -Just Add Warm Water. Compared to the soups, the meals are more substantial, have a thicker consistency, have more sliced vegetables, sprouted legumes, and sprouted nut and seed pieces. All of this gives the meals a chewier texture like a stew. Easy Living Foods, LLC Gluten-Free, Vegan, Instant Meals use less water to prepare and take more time to steep compared to the soups. The Soups come in 1 oz packets and yield a 9 oz soup, the Meals come in 1.8 oz packets and yield a 7- 8 oz meal, and the Salad comes in a 1oz packet and yields a 6 oz salad.

Traveling with the Instant Soups and Meals

Easy Living Foods Gluten Free Vegan Instant Soups and Meals come packaged in a convenient cup container and lid for easy use anywhere you are. If you prefer to use your own container to prepare the soups and meals, you can remove the Stay Fresh Ingredient Packet from within its container. The portable Stay Fresh Ingredient Packets make for less weight and take up less space when traveling. If you decide not to use the original cup container with the embossed fill line inside, please use the table below, which lists the amount of water needed to prepare the soups and meals:

All the Soups 1 cup warm water
Thai Coconut Curry Meal ½ cup + 2 Tablespoons warm water
The other 3 Meals ⅔ cup warm water
Salad ½ cup room temperature water

Please Note:
Printing Error of Nutritional Facts (Trans Fats)

Due to a printing error, the number of “Trans Fat” on the Nutritional Facts printed on the Raw Instant Soups and Meals container is incorrect. There are no trans fats in the Soups and Meals. Naturally occurring Trans fats in the Raw Instant Soups & Meals are as follows:

Trans Fat
Mushroom Onion Soup 0.0g
Moroccan Lentil Soup 0.0g
Thai Coconut Curry Meal 0.0g
Italian Casserole Meal 0.0g

To Prepare Soup:

JUST ADD WARM WATER Empty packet into cup, stir in 1 cup of boiling water (or up to embossed line inside), cover and let sit for 3-5 minutes. The boiling water lightly cooks the food. Do not microwave container.
For Raw: Stir in 1 cup warm water. Cover and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Temperature should not exceed 120F. Note: when adding 140F water, the temperature of the food content will not exceed 120F, so it stays raw!

To Prepare Meal:

JUST ADD WARM WATER Empty packet into cup, fill with boiling water to the ‘fill line’ (see mark inside), stir, cover and let sit for 5-10 minutes. The boiling water lightly cooks the food. Do not microwave container.
For Raw: Empty packet into cup, fill with half boiling water and half room temperature water to the ‘fill line’ (see mark inside), stir, cover and let sit for 10 minutes. Note: when adding 140F water, the temperature of the food content will not exceed 120F, so it stays raw!


Drink additional water when eating dried raw foods in order to stay hydrated.

Allergen Friendly:

The Instant Soups and Meals are made with directly sourced, farm fresh vegetables, herbs and spices. The ingredients are dried at low temperatures to maintain the enzymes and phytonutrients. Lentils and seeds are sprouted and dehydrated for use as a new raw protein ingredient.

The Instant Soups and Meals are:

  • — Gluten-Free
  • — Vegan
  • — Sprouted
  • — Organic
  • — Non-GMO
  • — Corn & Soy Free

The Easy Living Foods, LLC commercial kitchen is 100% gluten-Free, Vegan, Peanut Free, Non-GMO, and Corn Free. The facility does process tree nuts and soy.

Safely Sprouted:

For Easy Living Foods, LLC food safety is of highest priority. Good manufacturing practices (GMP’s) are a required minimum. Sprouts are considered a food “at risk” due to their growing environment, storage and distribution. There have been outbreaks of e.coli and salmonella traced to sprouts in the US, Europe and around the world.

Easy Living Foods, LLC uses the “Best Practices” as outlined by the FDA. Our practices include seed treatment, testing, temperature & air control, trace back, cleanliness and more.

Degassing Lentils:

Eating legumes can often lead to intestinal gas unless the legumes are degassed. Cooked legumes are usually degassed by soaking overnight, rinsing the legumes and throwing out the cooking water.
Sprouted lentils are naturally degassed though the sprouting process. First, lentils are soaked to germinate the seeds, rinsed, and then let to sprout or grow for a period of time with repeated rinsing many times a day. Sprouted legumes are degassed in two ways: first through soaking and rinsing and secondly, by growing. The sprout uses the carbohydrate in the legume as fuel to grow and converts the carbohydrate to a more “predigested” form of carbohydrate that is easier for humans to digest. Sprouting also increases the protein content in the legume sprout.

How to use the Instant Soups and Meals Every Day!

Here are some ways we’ve heard people are eating the Raw Instant Soups and Meals. If you have a suggestion you think would benefit others, please share it with us.

  • — A busy student who commutes to college keeps an Instant Soup in her bag and uses the hot water from the cafeteria to prepare it. This way, she has an inexpensive, filling and nutritious lunch without scrambling to find time to go off-campus.
  • — A retired gentleman who strives to eat healthy often uses the Instant Meals throughout the week when he wants a simple meal. He adds extra water to the Thai Coconut Curry Meal and places it atop rice. He appreciates the low-sodium yet tasty flavor.
  • — A soccer mom stocks up on the Italian Casserole meal for its incredibly high vegetable servings (5) and the classic herbed tomato flavor that everyone in her family enjoys. She adds extra water and uses it as a sauce over gluten-free pasta.
  • — A vegan backpacker who has trouble finding nonperishable but healthy fresh food to take with him when he’s out in nature found the Mushroom Onion Soup to be a great lunch item and looks forward to trying out the meals next time as a dinner.
  • — A traveler took the meals on a trip, ate one by asking for hot water at a coffee place in the airport terminal and the other by asking for hot water on the plane(it takes two small cups of water that they give you for tea to make the instant meals and soups on the plane.)
  • — A backpacker took the soups and meals as his primary food on a two week trip, loved them and said they were filling. And he wanted others to know that if you’re sweating a lot you’ll need more salt than was in the Instant Soups and Meals.
  • — Ease Oldham, founder, made the Italian Casserole, spread it over raw crackers, added a cashew cream cheese and sunflower sprouts and took it to holiday parties this year calling it a raw pizza.
  • Shelf Life

    The shelf life on the soups, meals and salad is one year from the production date, except for the Thai Coconut Curry which has a shelf life of 6 months due to the oils in the kefir lime. The expiration date can be found on the exterior bottom of the container.

    Please enjoy these new convenient and nutritious Instant Soups, Meals and Salad!

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