Italian Casserole Meal

5.0 Vegetable Servings/ 167% of the USDA Recommended Vegetable Servings per Day

Our Italian Casserole is a traditional flavor made in a whole new way. What makes something Italian-tasting? Tomato, oregano, and basil for sure, but we also include mushrooms for an extra delicious flavor. Add to that some plant-based protein and healthy fats, and you’ve got our Italian Casserole.

The secret of dehydrating fresh herbs and spices plays an essential role in creating our Italian Casserole flavor. For example, let’s talk about basil. When basil is dried at high temperatures, the flavor is lost. Don’t try to make pesto out of dried basil – it just doesn’t work, in my experience. Instead, dehydrating fresh herbs and spices at low temperatures protects their flavor, integrity, and nutritional benefits, giving you a real “closest to fresh” experience.

Package Information

Each package yields an 8-oz meal (the texture is like a stew or casserole). Each package contains 5.0 Vegetable Servings, which is 167% of the USDA Recommended Vegetable Servings per Day. The Italian Casserole contains the highest number of vegetable servings among all of our soups and meals. This meal has lots of zucchini, mushrooms, carrots, onions and herbs. The shelf life is one year.

Preparation Instructions

Prepare with boiling water if you want a quicker meal that is partially cooked. Empty the packet into the container and fill with water up to the embossed line on the inside of the container. Stir, replace the lid on the
container and let it steep for 7 to 10 minutes before eating.

Alternatively, for RAW, prepare with warm water (half room temperature plus half boiling water reaches a temperature of about 140 degrees F) and let it steep twice as long. Note: when adding 140F water, the temperature of
the food content will not exceed 120F, so it stays raw!

This meal requires two-thirds of a cup of water to be added to the dry mixture.

Flavor TIP:

Leftovers are quite flavorful; reheat them in a double boiler pot with a little water. Alternatively, use this meal as a dip or spread with crackers.


Organic* Ingredients:

Sprouted Lentils*, Coconut*, Cashews*, Sprouted Sunflower Seeds*, Yams*, Zucchini*, Onion*, Coconut Palm Sugar*, Crimini Mushrooms*, Carrots*, Sea Salt*, Curry*, Red Bell Pepper*, Kefir Lime*, Lemon*, Garlic*, Lemon
Grass*, Basil*, Galangal Ginger*, Cilantro* and Apple Cider Vinegar.

Nutrient Facts:



The actual amount of Trans Fat in all Easy Living Foods Instant Soups and Meals is 0g. The packages have a printing error on the Trans Fat amount.

Water TIP:

Drink extra water when consuming dried raw foods. 5.0 servings of vegetables had a lot of water in them before we dehydrated them. Even after consumption, the ingredients will continue to rehydrate in your
stomach, requiring you to drink additional water.

Usage TIP:

The Italian Casserole Meal makes a great sauce for a raw pizza or open-faced sandwich. Another great way to use it is as a sauce over gluten-free pasta.

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This product is available as:

  • Single: Individually packaged in ready-to-eat cup container. Just add hot water! Makes into an 8 oz. meal.
  • In Bulk: Contains five single servings of 1oz. each in a zip-lock bag.
    Servings are not in individual packages.
  • Case: Twelve single servings in ready-to-eat cup container.